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Mucky Pups based in North Dorset is a new grooming salon. We are offering Dog Grooming services in Sturminster Newton, Dorset and surrounding areas.
We have experience in grooming dogs that have come from difficult situations e.g. Government Shelters where they may have been kept in small cages away from human interaction and suffered with separation anxiety when removed.

We provide a stress free, luxurious and comfortable service tailored to each dog’s individual needs and personality. We offer a range of grooming services including bathing, brushing, deshedding, cut and dry and nail clipping.



Each dog I encounter, is treated with love and respect. Patience is key, and I have lots of it.
You can rest easy, knowing that your dog will not just look great, but will feel great.
Professional and Efficent

Professional and Efficent

With over 12 years in the industry, I know the relationship with my clients is extremely important. I make sure every groom is completed on time, and is consistent with every appointment.


I have over 12 years experience with working with dogs. I have worked with difficult and stressed dogs, and I know how to make them feel at ease. I have been trading in France for the last 12 years and have decided to bring my work to the UK.

We pride ourselves in providing knowledgeable advice and the highest quality service available.

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I have been grooming dogs professionally for more than 12 years.

I joined the business and became full time employee owner in 2006. With my many years experience, I can give you what the dogs need and deserve to keep them looking and feeling great.
All of our shampoos are professional grade, which ensures healthy skin and shiny coats.

Our brushes have wire bristles so that we don’t pull out any fur when brushing. We use special clippers with steel blades for deshedding throughout the year on all sizes of dogs. We also sell dog grooming supplies (brushes, clippers, hair conditioner).

Tough on dirt. Gentle on Mucky Pups

Hello, my name is Cleo and I lam a Goldie living in France. I miss Gloria as she is now in the UK. She used to visit every two months to make me lovely, clean and look like the Princess I am. I would do anything for Gloria as she was so kind, gentle and gave me lots of love and cuddles. Here I am on the table looking gorgeous after a grooming, which will soon be destroyed as I love to dig much to my parents disgust!

Linda and Paul Atherstone

’Gloria is professional, friendly and handles every dog with kindness and understanding and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended.Rosemary Austin

Rosemary Austin

Gloria groomed our two Cocker Spaniels for many years and we were always very pleased with how beautiful she made them look, whatever the season. One of our pups was a very nervous rescue initially and particularly scared of women. But Gloria was so kind, gentle and patient with her and gained Ruby\'s confidence in no time. We still miss Gloria and wish her lots of happiness and every success with her new business in The UK .Mary Williams and Jem Vercoe


I first met Gloria about 10 years ago, when she agreed to take on the grooming of Frodo, our Briard, who was 8 stone of self-will covered in long, tangled black fur. They took to each other instantly.  Her hard work restored his aristocratic appearance, and he clearly fell deeply in love with her, to the extent that whenever she appeared, he would greet her like a long-lost friend and lie straight down for however long was necessary. Throughout the rest of his life, one thing we never had to worry about was his appearance or the health of his coat. I would recommend Gloria to anyone with a dog wrapped in fur, especially if it is problem fur.

Mike George

I would like to confirm that my precious Cavalier King Charles, Brandy had the ultimate dog groomer for five years when we moved over to France.. I had tried several groomers in England, who were competent at their job, but then we met Gloria from Mucky pups... She takes grooming to another level and is very patient with her clients.. human and doggy alike.. Brandy has now reached the grand old age of eleven with a heart condition and likes his creature comforts as he should, but he wishes all the best for his favorite groomer and her lucky new clients.

Sandra Knock

The Viennes loss is the UK\'s gain.  We all miss our fantastic Mucky pups groomer & stylist. Your patience, understanding & love of your doggy clients is unbelievable.  Nothing is too much for you with your doggy clients & Phoebe always looked like a Crufts champion after her make over.  Thank you so much & good luck in your venture in the Uk. xxx

Karen Wilding

Gloria has been coming to our house to groom our dogs for years,.she was so gentle and kind to both our old dogs..she was always on time and never let us down and Rosie and Frankie always look so lovely when she had finished

Carol and Mike with Frankie and Rosie

Having a Cavalier King Charles who loves his comforts and attention in Life.. I can honestly say that having experienced a few groomers over the years, I would recommend Gloria over all others.. she is the most kind and attentive groomer who responds to the feelings of the dog but is wonderfully efficient.. If only she had not moved back to the UK , I would never dream of using another groomer..I wish your business all the best Gloria, but we do miss your regular visits.. as well as mucky pups there are going to be some very happy and lucky pups who will enjoy their pampering..

Sandra Knock

I had a very old, very grumpy poodle cross rescue, who was a nightmare to clip, bath or anything. Gloria came to me several times without even trying to do anything to him just so that he would get used to her and see/smell and hear her clippers. I won’t say he was ever perfectly behaved and I know that Gloria would never say he was clipped beautifully, but he was clipped and comfortable. I could not recommend her highly enough, patient, kind and very knowledgeable.

Dee Sharpe

Gloria groomed our 2 miniature schnauzers for over 5 years in France. She began with Maxie our older male, then coco from a puppy. She had her first cut with her and gloria was very patient because at first she didn’t like the buzzing of the clippers. But after 2 or 3 grooms she was fine. The shampoos she used never irritated their skin. The style was always consistent and the best they ever had. She was always professional and on time. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough. If you are lucky to get offered a regular slot grab it!

Oscar Maxie

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